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Hi Everyone!

I have created a new community and I was hoping that i could get some help from the many wonderful artists here! I am in need of icons a few that say 

In frame 1.Intelligent Dyke with image background
2.Brains no background req. can be plain text for 2, 3, 4

Also a plain text icon with just intelligent dyke

and if anyone is up to a challenge a LJ layout but if not thats ok

and Intelligent dyke banner with any background art

I will credit all work done :)

Thanks heaps in advance!!!
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Crazy Amount of Icons

So I finished the rest of icons I was making...I plan to make more but thought I'll just make a huge post of all the ones I've done so far. Lots of D-boys and Katkun icons. Plus Tenimyu Icons as well. As usual credit and comment are appricated.
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